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Episode 14 – Hope & Faith – With Shawn Bailey

Shawn Bailey is the founder and president of NeXT Basketball Foundation, a nonprofit youth basketball organization that strives to create future leaders through values, community service, and community initiatives.

In this episode, Shawn joins Johnny Dawson to not only explain NeXT’s vision and mission, but to also reflect upon his journey as an individual and Christian who strongly believes in hope and faith as his elements of success. 

You will learn:

  • How hope and faith define the person and mentor Shawn is 
  • Using constructive criticism to build leaders 
  • Anticipation as a meaning of hope, and how Shawn uses it to achieve success 
  • NeXT Basketball as Shawn’s passion, and how the evolution from passion to obsession can lead to success 
  • How parents can help children find their element of success within sports 
  • And more!

Tune in today and join Shawn’s journey of hope and faith and how it closely relates to success, passion, perspective, and purpose!

Resources:  Johnny Dawson on YouTube I Shawn Bailey I Shawn Bailey on LinkedIn I NeXT Basketball Foundation  I James Clear I “Atomic Habits” – by James Clear I Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) I Liberty Middle School