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18. Mindset with Ohio Senator Stephanie Kunze

How would you define M I N D S E T?

For Johnny Dawson and this week’s special guest, Ohio Senator Stephanie Kunze, mindset is all about the set of attitudes and beliefs people hold about themselves and others.

A developed mindset also requires growth, openness, perseverance, and many other elements of success. 

In this episode, Stephanie joins Johnny to explain how a growth mindset has contributed to the individual and professional she is today. Stephanie also provides valuable insight to help you establish the right mindset to prosper and succeed in life.

Stephanie discusses:

  • Mindset and the possibility of learning from anyone as her element of success 
  • The importance of developing a growth mindset, openness, and understanding around politics and the media 
  • Must-know advice for those looking to establish a growth mindset 
  • Vocabulary shift as a way to find happiness 
  • The value of having control over one’s reactions
  • And more!

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Connect with Stephanie Kunze:

About our Guest:

Stephanie Kunze is an American politician serving as a member of the Ohio Senate for the 16th district. She formerly served in the Ohio House of Representatives for the 24th district. Before her election, she was a member of Hilliard City Council and a secretary at Norwich Elementary School

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15. Adversity

We have all faced adversities at some point in our lives. 

What was the greatest adversity you’ve faced thus far?

In this episode, Johnny reveals what adversity means to him and ways our mindset can help us overcome life’s challenges to find the success we desire. He shares stories of adversity from his life and shares how he helped his son’s baseball team overcome their adversities.

Johnny discusses:

  • Why is adversity often related to misfortune
  • What losing a game meant for Johnny and his son’s baseball team 
  • Teaching children to play in the heat: How Johnny changed children’s mindset and perspective 
  • How to overcome adversities 
  • And more!


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Episode 13 – Accountability

What does accountability mean to you?

How do you hold yourself accountable as you journey towards success?

In this episode, join Johnny Dawson as he takes a deep dive into all things accountability and how it relates to success. Drawing from his own experiences, Johnny shares how you can avoid playing the blame game and, instead, start fixing problems using the “solutions game.” 

You will learn:

  • The difference between blame and solutions from an accountability standpoint 
  • Why accountability is so important in a war scenario 
  • How the media approaches accountability 
  • Accountability as another pillar of happiness 
  • And more!

Join this insightful conversation today to learn why accountability always starts from within!

Resources: Johnny Dawson on YouTube I About George E. Vaillant, M.D.