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19. Stamina

Many people experience a moment when trying to accomplish a goal where the thing they’re working towards suddenly seems too far out of reach and quitting seems like the easiest option.

Unfortunately, this mindset hinders us from accomplishing those rewarding goals that we should be striving towards for self-improvement. 

In this episode, Johnny navigates stamina and how it relates to your life and success. As another element of success, Johnny explains how stamina relates to the actions you can take every day and how it can help you reach the milestones you’re dreaming of. 

After this podcast, you will feel rejuvenated and inspired to take on your biggest challenges with a new sense of encouragement!

Johnny discusses:

  • The mental vs physical aspects of stamina 
  • How stamina helps him complete a 100 mile bicycle ride every year
  • The value you can get out of stamina 
  • Why physical reminders can help increase your stamina throughout the toughest times 
  • The real reason people quit trying new goals 
  • His son’s personal relationship with stamina and football 
  • And more


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