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16. Scalability

Take a moment and ask yourself: How have you scaled in life? 

Alternatively, what is stopping you from scaling?

In this episode, Johnny Dawson reveals why you don’t want to overlook scalability as an element of success. He reveals how to correctly use opportunities, discipline, adaptability, and more to achieve scalability, progress, and growth in life.

Johnny discusses:

  • How to use discipline, opportunities, and new skills to create individual scalability
  • Freedom as a component of scalability and progress  
  • Why you should avoid blaming and making excuses around opportunities 
  • Why fear of change often hinders scalability 
  • And more!


Connect with Johnny Dawson:


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Episode 9 – Initiative

No matter what that success looks like to you, to reach it, you need the initiative to take that first step towards your goals.

In this episode of The Elements of Success, Johnny Dawson highlights initiative as one of the key elements that can help you find success in all branches of life. He details the power behind this trait and shares practical ways you can start building initiative into your life.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What initiative means to Johnny and how he encourages it with his children
  • Elements that can hinder your initiative  
  • Why athlete and neurologist Roger Bannister is an example of bravery and initiative 
  • How initiative relates to business-building 
  • And more!

Tune in and find out how taking the first step of your journey can lead you down a path towards something great!

Resources:  Johnny Dawson on YouTube