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21. Improving Your Conversations with the Power of Empathy

In our digital age, communication has become instant. Now, your thoughts and opinions can be shared with countless people all over the world with just the touch of a button.

However, many communicate online without giving much thought to the messages they’re sending. 

This can lead to public conversations and arguments — and can even negatively impact those involved.

This week, Johnny shares a must-know story that illustrates another side of some very real problems we face today. Stay tuned for the moral of this story to discover how you can think twice before hitting the ‘post’ button next time you witness something unsavory online. 

Johnny discusses:

  • Ways to increase your communication skills and make better connections
  • Why you shouldn’t waste your time arguing with people who don’t care about the truth
  • The definition of empathy 
  • How the pandemic has changed people’s perspective 
  • Tips and tricks to increase worthy social media interactions
  • And more!

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