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15. Adversity

We have all faced adversities at some point in our lives. 

What was the greatest adversity you’ve faced thus far?

In this episode, Johnny reveals what adversity means to him and ways our mindset can help us overcome life’s challenges to find the success we desire. He shares stories of adversity from his life and shares how he helped his son’s baseball team overcome their adversities.

Johnny discusses:

  • Why is adversity often related to misfortune
  • What losing a game meant for Johnny and his son’s baseball team 
  • Teaching children to play in the heat: How Johnny changed children’s mindset and perspective 
  • How to overcome adversities 
  • And more!


Connect with Johnny Dawson:

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Episode 14 – Hope & Faith – With Shawn Bailey

Shawn Bailey is the founder and president of NeXT Basketball Foundation, a nonprofit youth basketball organization that strives to create future leaders through values, community service, and community initiatives.

In this episode, Shawn joins Johnny Dawson to not only explain NeXT’s vision and mission, but to also reflect upon his journey as an individual and Christian who strongly believes in hope and faith as his elements of success. 

You will learn:

  • How hope and faith define the person and mentor Shawn is 
  • Using constructive criticism to build leaders 
  • Anticipation as a meaning of hope, and how Shawn uses it to achieve success 
  • NeXT Basketball as Shawn’s passion, and how the evolution from passion to obsession can lead to success 
  • How parents can help children find their element of success within sports 
  • And more!

Tune in today and join Shawn’s journey of hope and faith and how it closely relates to success, passion, perspective, and purpose!

Resources:  Johnny Dawson on YouTube I Shawn Bailey I Shawn Bailey on LinkedIn I NeXT Basketball Foundation  I James Clear I “Atomic Habits” – by James Clear I Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) I Liberty Middle School

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Episode 13 – Accountability

What does accountability mean to you?

How do you hold yourself accountable as you journey towards success?

In this episode, join Johnny Dawson as he takes a deep dive into all things accountability and how it relates to success. Drawing from his own experiences, Johnny shares how you can avoid playing the blame game and, instead, start fixing problems using the “solutions game.” 

You will learn:

  • The difference between blame and solutions from an accountability standpoint 
  • Why accountability is so important in a war scenario 
  • How the media approaches accountability 
  • Accountability as another pillar of happiness 
  • And more!

Join this insightful conversation today to learn why accountability always starts from within!

Resources: Johnny Dawson on YouTube I About George E. Vaillant, M.D.

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Episode 12 – Blessed — With Justin Kershaw

Would you consider yourself a blessed person?

Do you believe that feeling blessed is related to getting back what you give?

Consider these questions as you tune to in this episode with Johnny Dawson and Justin Kershaw, the founder and president of Venia Medical. Together, they explore the concept of feeling blessed how this feeling can apply to both your personal and professional life.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What being blessed means to Justin 
  • How giving back can lead to being blessed with personal opportunities and success 
  • Justin’s take on taking risks to succeed
  • Controlling personal thoughts and attitudes: What keeps Justin’s energy up as a serial entrepreneur
  • And more!

Listen in and discover the exact words of encouragement you need to become a blessed person!

Resources: Johnny Dawson on YouTube  I Justin Kershaw I Venia Medical OH

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Episode 11 – Community — With Doug Ulman

While the term may convey many different meanings, community is all about a unified body of individuals with a common interest, like a shared hobby or a neighborhood.

What communities do you have in your life?

In today’s episode, Johnny Dawson sits down with the founder, president, and CEO of Pelotonia and The Ulman Foundation, Doug Ulman. Together, they explore the concept of community, how it fits into the success journey, and the ways Doug’s organizations contribute to the overall idea of community building.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What community means to Johnny and Doug 
  • How has social media changed the scope of communities 
  • Why Doug created Pelotonia and The Ulman Foundation 
  • How to commit to an (online and physical) community
  • And more!

Join Doug and Johnny today to learn ways you can find the community you’ve always been looking for! 


Johnny Dawson on YouTube  I Instagram I Facebook I Pelotonia I Ulman Foundation I Doug Ulman on Twitter

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Episode 10 – Support

Almost anything is possible when you have the right group of people supporting you.

To help you cultivate a support system that will help anchor you throughout your success journey, Johnny Dawson explores the intricacies of support in today’s episode. He shares ways you can find the support you need, no matter what you’re trying to achieve.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why Johnny believes we will always need support from others  
  • The importance of client support and feedback 
  • Johnny’s experience with finding similar and like-minded people   
  • How personal interaction can contribute to a solid support system 
  • And more!

Listen in and start surrounding yourself with those who will support you through your successes, trials, and failures! 

Resources:  Johnny Dawson on YouTube  I Instagram I Facebook 

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Episode 9 – Initiative

No matter what that success looks like to you, to reach it, you need the initiative to take that first step towards your goals.

In this episode of The Elements of Success, Johnny Dawson highlights initiative as one of the key elements that can help you find success in all branches of life. He details the power behind this trait and shares practical ways you can start building initiative into your life.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What initiative means to Johnny and how he encourages it with his children
  • Elements that can hinder your initiative  
  • Why athlete and neurologist Roger Bannister is an example of bravery and initiative 
  • How initiative relates to business-building 
  • And more!

Tune in and find out how taking the first step of your journey can lead you down a path towards something great!

Resources:  Johnny Dawson on YouTube 

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Episode 8 – Grit – With Braxton Miller

Do you have the courage, resolve, and strength of character it takes to achieve your goals?

NFL football player Braxton Miller does.

In this episode, Johnny Dawson sits down with Braxton, an athlete, and entrepreneur. Braxton discusses how grit plays into his success and shares how his inner strength and courage have helped him build a successful NFL and business career.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What grit means to Braxton Miller 
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded people 
  • Why it’s okay to distance yourself from people who don’t match your goals and morals  
  • How grit has shaped Braxton’s football and business career  
  • And more!

Tune in today and discover how grit continues to shape the success of those like Johnny and Braxton! 

Resources:  Johnny Dawson on YouTube | Braxton Miller 

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Episode 7- Sometimes Sacrifice Leads to Success – With Matthew Benson

We all make sacrifices – whether professionally or personally.

What role do our sacrifices play in our success?

In this episode, Johnny Dawson and Aric Johnson are joined by Matthew Benson, CEO and founder of eFuse. Matthew reveals the role of sacrifice in business and in life. Discover how gaming has evolved and the sacrifices involved in utilizing it to further education and business.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The role of personal sacrifice
  • How personal skills can benefit others
  • How gaming has evolved as an industry
  • How gaming can provide opportunities for education
  • And more!

Play this episode of The Elements Of Success as Matthew Benson, CEO and founder of eFuse, reveals the role of sacrifice within success.

Resources: YouTube | Johnny Dawson on Tik Tok | Matthew Benson  | eFuse

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Episode 6 – Resilience – With Borah Dawson

After undergoing brain surgery, Borah Dawson was told that she might be able to walk again after six to ten months. 

Borah started walking four to six weeks later. 

In this episode, Borah is back with Johnny Dawson to discuss the element of resilience. Together, they highlight how the ability to recover quickly from life’s difficulties can enhance your successes — just like it has during Borah’s post-surgery journey.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How resilience played into Borah’s post-surgery experience
  • Where Borah found the motivation to attend rehab and start walking again  
  • Why it’s easy to blame someone or something for a particular life event  
  • The importance of allowing yourself to feel negative emotions 
  • And more!

Tune in now to discover how resilience guided Borah’s path to recovery!

Resources: Episode 5 – Perseverance | YouTube | Johnny Dawson on TikTok